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We advised to him that you print this text to have it like manual while visit our catalogue.

The articles and prices are brought up to date every week. Our catalogue does not include the function of cart of the buy.
As soon as you have acceded to the catalogue to be able to buy, you can consult the information of the article using the field of the top left corner and you will have to annotate apart (On a paper or in a file word or Excel) at least the code of the article and the quantity and us send the order for fax, e-mail or telephone.

Next we explained to you of which each field consists:

  • CODE:  It is the reference of the article.
  • NEMO:  It is the still valid reference that it was used previous to the numerical code.
  • DESCRIPTION:  It is the description of the article.
  • MEASURES:  It is in " cm " and for the small articles can vary of some "mm".
  • UNITS OF BOX:  It is the quantity that contains a great box and after the dash the amount that contains the respective inner boxes.
  • MINIMUM:  It is the minimum quantity of sale of each article.
  • SALE PRICE:  It is the unitary sale price of the article (without VAT).
  • PRICE OF OFFER:  It is the sale price reduced of the article (without VAT).
  • SPECIAL PRICE:  It is the sale price for a guaranteed quantity of units of each article (Assortment are not admitted, unless it indicates the description).
  • STATE:  It is the situation of the article, it can be presented in 5 forms:
    • Annulled:  There are no stock and it has been eliminated of the catalogue.
    • Low Weather:  There no stock but it is going to return to get up itself to the catalogue (dateless determined).
    • Offer:  The price is reduced and when they are finished the existence will be annulled.
    • Entrance:  It has there are entrance of recent stock.
    • Variation of price:  the selling price changed recently.
If you have any question or suggestion please you do not doubt to contact with us.

How to use this catalogue:
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